Which are the advantages of membership?

Membership gives your employees and company the opportunity to...

  • keep up-to-date with the most important legal obligations in the bakery sector
  • be represented towards various public authorities and in different councils and working groups
    at national and European levels, with the aim of defending sector-related issues
  • receive appropriate advice and support, also in crisis situations
  • participate to interesting networking moments, info sessions and workshops on sector-related topics

Who can become a member?

To become a member of FGBB asbl/vzw, the following conditions should be met:

  1. Be a producer in the bakery and pastry sectors
  2. Have a registered office in Belgium
  3. Produce in Belgium or Europe under Nace-code 10.711 of 10.712
  4. Have a staff of more than 15 employees

Art. 6 of our statutes states that any candidate member (a natural or legal person) can be affiliated within the association, if accepted as such by the board of directors. The admission request of a member candidate must be submitted in writing to the president of the board. Should also be mentioned with the request, the name and address of the person commissioned by the company to act in its name towards the association. The request for membership includes the acceptance of the statutes (and internal rules) of the association, and involves the obligation to respect them.

The board of directors who is informed of the request for membership, shall assess whether the applicant meets the requirements and make a sovereign decision with a simple majority of the votes present or represented, and shall submit its decision for ratification to the next general assembly. If the general assembly does not approve this decision, the affiliation will be invalid retroactively. If rejected, the board of directors and general assembly have no reason to explain their decision.

An unsuccessful candidate may reintroduce a new request only after a two-year delay.

Can be considered as effective members: private or commercial companies; bakeries, pastries, confectioners, who can accessorily be active in chocolate processing or ice cream making and related businesses, with staff, having a registered office in Belgium.

In the statutes, the term 'member' refers exactly to effective members.

How to become a member of FGBB?

If your company is interested to join our federation FGBB and would like more information about membership subscriptions, please contact the Secretary Kathou Wagemans at or the permanent secretariat at