Our members & colleagues

Who are our members?

  • Companies producing bread or pastry (Nace 10.711 or 10.712) in Belgium or Europe;
  • Companies with their head office in Belgium;
  • Bakery companies with more than 15 employees;
  • Companies with business-to-business (BtoB) or business-to-consumer (BtoC) activities;
  • Companies with growth and further professionalisation as their objectives.

Members' list

Who are our colleagues?

1. Fevia

Since 2015, FGBB has been collaborating with the FEVIA team within a system of integrated membership and management in order to maximise synergy and efficiency for the member companies. Whereas FGBB focuses on vertical sector-specific issues, Fevia concentrates on horizontal cross-sectoral issues such as social affairs, environment, competitiveness... This model allows us to work cost-efficiently and to offer companies a total service.

More info about Fevia


Our federation FGBB has an important voice in the European association for large and industrial bakeries, namely AIBI, the International Association of Plant Bakeries, where we follow up on European issues and legislation related to the sector, which are then reflected in our national legislation and on the level of our internal market.  

More info about AIBI

3. Sister federations

Together with several sister federations, we try to defend the interests of our sector.