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Mission and objectives

The organisation aims at:

Giving information, supporting and advising middle-sized and big bakeries about sectorial files.  It provides its members and official entities with relevant and necessary information in order to anticipate problems, events and challenges in an efficient way.

FGBB works towards its goal by:

•    Collecting sector related information and making it available to its members

•    Identifying specific sectorial issues and reporting them to the relevant official entities

•    Setting up an efficient service for its members by informing and advising them

•    Creating a framework which contributes to  professionalism, efficiency and awareness of the quality

•    Promoting the quality of bakery products

•    Defending the professional interests and organizing training and advanced training

•    Taking part in activities of similar groups, in order to inform the members in the best way possible

FGBB vzw – Rue de la Science 14 – 1040 Brussels - T+32.(0)2.550.17.64 – E-mail k.wagemans@fgbb.be

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