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About FGBB

Until 1995, the “Belgian National Federation of Bakers and Pastry chefs with staff” and the two national federations of artisanal bakers (the VEBIC and the French Federation) were gathered under one single structure / organisation: the Belgian Confederation of bakers, pastry chefs, chocolate-makers, ice-cream makers (B.P.C.I).

To meet the specific needs of the big Belgian bakeries, the national federation of Bakers and Pastry Chefs (N.F.B.P.) became an independent functional organisation in 1996. In 2000, we decided to call it the “Federation of BIG BAKERIES of Belgium” (the FGBB) in order to better represent our identity and main objectives.
Through the years, we have developed into a professional federation with a permanent secretariat which is responsible for providing member companies with information and advice.
Our mission is to support the medium-sized and big companies, by informing them properly and by advising them with respect to the files relating to the sector.
We collect a lot of information by taking part in different work group and meetings at the national and international levels. Our members are informed of the important changes in our sector.
Moreover, we consult our members on current matters so as to have a better overview on the difficulties they meet. If necessary, the issues are reported to the authorities, through work groups in which we are appointed.

At national level, the FGBB has become a member of the FEVIA, the Belgian Food and Drink Federation. At international level, we are part of the AIBI, International Association of Plant Bakers. Finally, we maintain a good relationship with all the sectors and major federations.


FGBB vzw – Rue de la Science 14 – 1040 Brussels - T+32.(0)2.550.17.64 – E-mail k.wagemans@fgbb.be

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