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How to become a member

To become a member of the FGBB asbl/vzw, the following conditions should be met:

  1. Be a producer in the bakery and pastry sectors
  2. Having a registered office in Belgium
  3. Produce in Europe (see internal regulation)
  4. Have a staff of minimum 20 people


Our statutes tell us in clause 6:

Every physical or moral body is accepted in that quality by the board of council and can be affiliated within the association as member. The admission request of a member candidate should be written to the president of the board. Should also be mentionned with the request, the name and address of the person commissionned by the company to act in its name towards the association. The request for affiliation includes the acceptance of the statutes (and the possible internal order regulations that have been declared as applicable) of the association, and involves the obligation to respect them.

The board of council becomes acquainted with the request for affiliation and will give its approval if the conditions are met and decides with sovereignty with a simple majority of the present or represented votes, and submits its decision for ratification to the next general meeting. If the board of council doesn't approve the decision, than the affiliation will be invalid retroactivelly.
If rejected, the board of council has no reason to explain their decision.

A rejected candidate could reintroduce a new request only after a two years delay.

Could be considered as effective member : private or commercial companies ; bakeries, pastries, confectioners, who could accessorily be active in chocolate or ice cream and allied businesses, with workers, having a registered office in Belgium.

In the statutes, a 'member' refers exactly to effective members.

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