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Enjoy, it's from Europe

The FGBB is part of "Institute Bread and Health", a non-profit organization founded in 2015 by several federations together with academics. This institute is working to provide objective and scientifically proven information on bread and its impact on health in an independent way, and to promote bread to consumers and professionals as part of a healthy diet in accordance with governmental guidelines.

"In order to reach these goals, we have set up our own website, we participate in scientific colloquiums, seminars, events, and more," says Kathou Wagemans, adding: "Our most recent and exciting achievement is the obtaining of European subsidies for a multicountry campaign, "Enjoy, it's from Europe" under the title: "European Bread, a great story". We initiated this application for launching a wide promotion campaign around bread, together with the Dutch Bakery Center with whom we have been collaborating for a few years on various communication activities." These three-year subsidies will also enable the association to:

  • launch an intensive radio campaign about "(European) Bread, a great story";
  • give information about bread and its health benefits in an active lifestyle, through articles in school magazines;
  • organize scientific study days about bread (and health) and set up advertorials;
  • organize tasting sessions in various retail outlets.


Source: Magazine European Bakery & Biscuit, March 2018


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