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Patroba SA

Patroba NV
Vluchtenburgstraat 15
2630 Aartselaar

T: +32 (0)3 353 06 11
F: +32 (0)3 353 22 80



It all started in the last century

Patroba has been active since the 1980s. It is an SME with no links to financial or commercial groups. As a completely independent company, we have been producing pre-packed fresh healthy bread for more than 20 years. Initially, our customers were traditional bakeries and small food shops. However, Patroba soon began to grow vigorously...

Strong growth began to emerge in 1993

Patroba recorded strong growth from 1993 onwards. Mainly because we broadened our commercial horizons to the entire food sector and the Belgian supermarket sector.

In seven years, our turnover increased sixfold. This development is due to the launch of our brands of pre-packed healthy breads such as Biaform, Boerkens', Exosud, Agrison and Ternesse. The strong deployment of the private label bread segment also made an important contribution to the company's success.

Expansion continues

In 2002, the capacity of our production site in Wommelgem proved to be insufficient, which necessitated our move to the current production site in Aartselaar. This move was linked to an investment of approximately 8 million euros. This important step allowed us to take advantage of the latest technology to develop a production process that guarantees even more than before quality products with a high food value.

The future is promising

Our site in Aartselaar is designed to allow us to grow even further. Our aim is to consolidate our position in Belgium, while at the same time making our quality bread known in neighbouring countries.

Patroba's breads are aimed at a wide target group and are based on 2 main trends:

1. "convenience": more and more consumers prefer pre-packed breads because they stay fresh longer. These breads meet a real need of the consumer who does not always have time to shop every day. The prolonged freshness of our breads is obtained from an exclusive recipe and preparation method.

2. "health": our breads are all prepared with wholegrain cereals and only with healthy and natural ingredients. Our breads are low in salt. They are a source of essential fatty acids and contain only vegetable fats. Their delicious taste comes from the grain and the nature from which they are made.

Artisanal production

At Patroba, the ancestral experience of the baker remains one of the main elements in the production of bread. Our breads are always made in an artisanal way, from the selection of the ingredients to the elaboration of the dough to the finished product. Our qualified bakers closely follow the baking process and guarantee a flawless end product.



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